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Saint Louis Ambassadors

Volunteers promoting community service and goodwill in St. Louis...since 1965!

St. Louis 'Wow' Videos!

Video: Blue Angels to 'Salute St. Louis' in 2014!

The Blue Angels prepare to 'Salute St. Louis' on 5-4-14 for four great reasons:

            1) 250th. Birthday of the founding of St. Louis in 1764.

            2) 110 Year Anniversary of the 1904 World's Fair & III Olympics.

            3) 50th. Anniversary of the Spirit of St. Louis Airport.

            4) Salute to all of our U.S. Veterans of Foreign War.


Video: The spellbinding St. Louis Arch

The St. Louis Arch symbolizes our region as the 'Gateway to the West'


Video: St. Louis from a one mile high jump!

An anonymous member of The Saint Louis Ambassadors and his expert teammates jump

from a plane over one-mile high in a 'silent salute to the St. Louis Arch and to

also thank all of our U.S. Veterans for keeping our country country safe.